serve serve [sɜːv ǁ sɜːrv] verb
1. [transitive] COMMERCE to supply customers with a particular product or service or with something they need:

• The firm plans to open a London office to serve clients with investments and businesses in Europe.

• JAL Group airlines serve 208 airports in 35 countries and territories.

2. [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE to give the customers in a shop, restaurant etc the things they want to buy:

• Free wine will be served on flights.

3. [intransitive, transitive] to spend a period of time doing a particular job, often an important one that helps the organization:

• If elected, she will serve a four-year term.

• He had to serve an apprenticeship (= a period of training ) with an accounting firm.

serve as

• He has proved to be valuable in several of the companies he has served as a board member.

4. serve a summons/​writ/​notice etc LAW to officially send or give someone a written order to appear in a court of law:
serve a summons/​writ/​notice etc on

• The manufacturing company served a writ on him after he failed to register the patent.

* * *

serve UK US /sɜːv/ verb
[T] to provide people or a place with products or services or something that is needed: »

serve customers/clients


There is a new 24-hour bus that serves the airport.

[I or T] to help achieve something or to be useful as something: serve to do sth »

The new procedures serve to stop economic growth.


The phone application needs to serve a purpose.

[T] COMMERCE in a shop, restaurant, or hotel, to deal with a customer by taking their order, showing or selling them goods, etc.: »

She spends all day on the shop floor serving customers.


Are you being served?

[I or T] to provide food or drinks: »

He was served dinner in his room.


Breakfast is served between 7 and 9.

[I or T] to spend time doing a job, training for a job, or having a responsibility: serve as sth »

He became a city commissioner and went on to serve as mayor.


After serving an apprenticeship with his father, he received a scholarship to study in Italy.

[T] LAW to give a legal document to someone, demanding that they go to a court of law or that they obey an order: »

The pension trustees served a writ last Friday in New York.

serve sb with sth »

She was served with a summons to court.

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